Psychology of Dieting: Adam Ali of Physiqonomics

Dieting and Psychology, Luis interviews his bro Adam Ali of Physiqonomics on all things related. you can’t miss it as we go through his great view on how to do a great diet and his experience with keto dieting. 

Adam Ali has been around the industry for a long time. He is one of those great minds respected by all of us; no surprises there!

if you’ve never heard his ideas this is your chance to learn a lot about how to have success with dieting.

  1. How to set up your diet for success or failure.
  2. The dieting mindset and philosophy: what makes a good dieter, and makes him succeed, vs a bad one.
  3. Advice for people who start a diet to lose weight.
  4. Advice for people who start a diet to gain muscle.
  5. Keep it simple with dieting: eat the same things, every day.
  6. Changing your mindset.  Adam’s experience with the keto diet: What he thought before, why he decided to try it, what happened and what he thinks now.


Adam is one of the most intelligent guys on the fitness industry. He applies a no bullshit mindset to dieting and training.

His site has an awesome philosophy; there you will find articles on everything from training, nutrition, supplementation, mindset and everything in between to help you achieve your physique goals.

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