Keto Myths Debunked: Coach Menno Henselmans Interviewed About Optimizing a Keto Diet

We interviewed top physique coach and researcher Menno Henselmans to clear some keto myths and get his points on how to optimize a ketogenic diet from a training point of view. 

Among many things, we discussed:

  • Metabolic Damage / Starvation Mode
  • Thoughts on the recent NUSI (Kevin Hall) Study (The Insulin hypothesis / metabolic advantage of ketosis?)
  • Chasing Ketone Levels vs Chasing Fat Loss
  • Intermittent Fasting and Ketosis, applied to Strength Training / Sports Performance
  • Thoughts on types of ketogenic diets: SKD vs TKD vs CKD and which ones may be better suited for different sports
  • Additional tips regarding diet adherence when doing a ketogenic diet, etc.

Menno Henselmans is one of the best trainers out there who, like us, always uses science to guide his programs and help people achieve their goals. We have much respect for him and Luis Villaseñor has even gone through his certification program.

Menno respects the KetoGains community and was really nice in freeing a bit of his busy schedule to grant us this interview and get a lot of valuable knowledge around metabolism, training and fat loss so that our community can understand the truth around some of the worst keto myths and adjust accordingly to achieve their goals.

Be sure to check out his trainings and programs at Bayesian Bodybuilding where you can find nutrition and training valuable knowledge. We sure hope we can get more opportunities to talk with Menno or even yet, invite him to one of our upcoming seminars some time soon.

This is one interview you can’ miss. Two powerhouses of the nutritional community Mano-a-Mano, or better yet Mano-a-Menno,  in this incredible one hour long talk. Dig in and leave us your questions in the comments and we’ll help you debunk any keto myths you’ve heard in the best way: with science!


You can learn more about Menno and his methods in

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