Getting Jacked In Ketosis – The Alpha Movement Podcast

Luis Villaseñor was recently interviewed by Tom Foxley, of the Alpha Movement podcast. Tom was really interested in learning all the Ketogains tips and tricks to gain muscle and getting jacked while doing a ketogenic protocol and of course our dear Darth Luiggi was delighted to answer his questions.

You can’t miss this great talk. We respect Tom a lot and it meant the word to us that he was so interested about our ideas on how to do a proper ketogenic diet and not lose muscle in the process.

Doing this podcast was a delight and we’re sure you won’t regret listening to us.

Among many things, we talk about:

  • How I found ketosis
  • Bodyopus and The Ketogenic Diet
  • “That which is not measured, cannot be managed”
  • How much protein you should have exactly
  • Standard, Cyclic and Targeted Ketosis
  • How much carbohydrate you should allow yourself on the ketogenic diet
  • What it means to “earn your carbs”
  • My training protocol
  • How the Tour De France uses Ketosis to its benefit
  • What are exogenous ketones?
  • “Go to” keto sources
  • What effect ketosis has on mitochondrial density
  • Salt and electrolytes


Be sure to listen to it, HERE

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