Ketogains – Becoming “Bonk Proof” – Part 2

dont bonk, learn from ketogains video how to endure in training

During our first Ketogenic Ketogains Summit at Atlanta Georgia, we discovered some great ways to endure and surpass our limits during training. This is the second part of this really interesting talk.  

Ketogains – Becoming “Bonk Proof” – Part 1

how to become bonk proof during ketosis a video

During our first Ketogains summit on ketogenic lifestyle we had some great talks. This one about how to overcome our limits and avoid bonking during our workouts gives us great insight and advice on how to train effectively during ketosis. This is part one of the session.

Keto-adapted, what does it mean?

fat utilization in a keto-adapted athlete

New post by Jacob Wilson aka “The Muscle Prof”   Day Four of The Muscle Professor Academy touches on the topic of Keto-adaptation. Being Keto-adapted leads to different benefits for athletes What does it mean to be keto-adapted? Keto adaptation occurs when your body switches from carbohydrates to fat and ketones as its primary source …

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Is there a relationship between the ingestion of saturated fat and the increase of cardiovascular risk?

    Via our friend Ignacio Ramos Vilas (from the Spanish Ketogains mod team): “The relationship of cholesterol and cardiac disease is one of the biggest frauds in the history of medicine” Says George Mann, adjunct biochem professor from the Medicine Faculty at Vanderbilt University and participant from the famous Framinham study on Cardiovascular Pathology. As many …

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Ketogains Bodyweight Routine

BODYWEIGHT ROUTINE   This routine will cover the following goals: Strength Hypertrophy (provided your diet is in check) Fat Loss (provided your diet is in check)   WEEKLY SCHEDULE AND PROGRESSION This routine is meant to be done 3 times a week, with at least one rest day in between workout days. Note that the entire routine …

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What Makes Muscles Grow?

Great little TED-ED video by Jeffrey Siegel that explains the basics for building muslce: Eating enough protein (protein is the building block of muscle tissue) – as per the FAQ, between 0.8 up 1.2g per lean pound (more is not necessarily better). Eating adequate calories – to build muscle, you need extra energy from enough calories -You can’t …

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