Metabolism Efficiency on Keto: Alessandro Ferretti

There are a few myths and misconceptions on Keto in regards to Metabolic Efficiency and energy requirements. Some people think calories do not matter on keto, some others think that staying long term on keto actually downregulates metabolism… but what is the truth? In this interview,  Luis talks with Alessandro Ferretti, England based Nutritionist who has been doing a lot of research on the Metabolic Efficiency of Ketogenic Diets. 


Alessandro has practised nutritional therapy for over 15 years working as a part of a multi disciplinary medical team at the Centre for Health and Human Performance in Harley Street, London.

He loves to teach and share ideas. He is a regular lecturer at a number of UK Nutrition and Naturopathic colleges and has also lectured internationally on the subject of the ketogenic diets and human performance.

He is currently collaborating with other international researchers on ketogenic applications in health, nutrigenomics, heart rate variability (HRV) and environmental influences on performance.


On this interview, we talk about:

  1. Energy requirements on Ketogenic Diets: are they changed?
  2. Metabolic efficiency is not the same as Metabolic Downregulation
  3. Metabolic energy models: The Additive & The Constrained Model
  4. Is there a metabolic advantage of doing a Ketogenic Diet?
  5. Metabolic flexibility
  6. Nutrient density
  7. How having “high” ketones all the time may not be a good thing.




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