Podcast: Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright on Low Carb Conversations

On this podcast, Luis and Tyler chat with Leah Williamson and special guest co-host Marty Kendall on the topics of adequate protein ingestion, fasting, and more.

  • Also, Leah and Marty announce they are currently doing the January session of the  Ketogains Bootcamp a try!
  • Leah, Marty, Luis and Tyler chat about what is involved in the Ketogains Bootcamp. An amazing 637 people have done the Ketogains beginner and novice Bootcamps and have lost a total of 10,000 kg or 22,000 pounds. This is an average of 16 kg or 35 lb per person.
  • However. the big question asked is will Leah end up buff before her 40th birthday in March? Find out more about Ketogains Bootcamps and join in the next round on February 26.
  • Luis and Tyler share their powerful journeys of weight loss and health and what motivates them. Tune in as you really do not want to miss their inspiring words. And do not forget about the news health headlines we review- all about protein and fasting.


To hear the whole interview, click HERE!

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