Ignorance Is But A Choice

I want to share this quote here, especially with the influx of new people who have just recently joined the various online groups we manage:

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice” – Donnie Miller

You have the choice.

One of the main reasons that got me into nutrition and fitness in the first place, and eventually led me to found Ketogains, was to learn to differentiate between sound, science based nutrition, and “old wives tales” or classic bro’science.

Everybody has seen the recent influx of a number of self called “Keto Trainers” or “Ketogenic Coaches” as well as the fair share of keto-related products out there.

This is  Mostly due to low carb gaining more popularity and exposure to a ketogenic diet getting more common in the mainstream media.

A little preface: I started Ketogains “officially” over 5 years ago, (despite having been practicing keto since 2001), after becoming dissatisfied with the overwhelming amount of inaccurate, contradictory, and flat-out misinformation advice given in various low carb forums & groups based solely on anecdotes.

It was the “it worked for me” mantra that goes against most evidence-based nutritional knowledge that irked me the most: In a recent speech that Dr. Stephen Phinney gave in Low Carb Down Under, he states: “N=1’s” (personal experiences) are good and all, but always evidence and repicable results, applied to personal #context, will always be better.

And with this in mind, after being asked the same questions hundreds of times, I envisioned a FREE comprehensive resource of articles, books, studies and tips of what had (and had not) worked for me after more than 10 years of following the protocol, BUT paired with actual resources and studies that supported said recommendations.

The intention being to help many more people get the same (if not better!) results than I got but with less self-experimentation and trial and error, and thus our FAQ was born (If you have not read it, I encourage you to take a look!)

And so, just over a year ago (after hours of study and thousands of dollars spent in investment toward improving the knowledge of our coaches via various nutrition and fitness certifications such as in the ISSA/International Sports Sciences Association, PN/Precision Nutrition and Bayesian Bodybuilding) did Ketogains begin officially taking on clients via personalized coaching and our now famous bootcamps.

Just last year, we have coached both directly (and indirectly, via our facebook/reddit groups) THOUSANDS of people – not only to lose weight, but also to substantially improve their health.

Potentially most importantly, however, is to aid them to gain the knowledge needed to build better lifestyle and nutrition habits. To “coach ourselves out of a job.”

Our motto has become “Educate, Empower, Achieve” – We believe in teaching people the tools that will help them take control of their diet.

We are committed in helping every client to reach their health and body recomposition goals, whatever those are.

We want you to become the “best version of you”: whether you want to build “silly looking muscles” or “washboard abs”, we will tell you the secret; If you want to run a 10K, we will help you prepare accordingly.

Now, if you only care only about health, we will also provide you with the best and most objective information, and if we don’t know (because we certainly are not experts in every area) we will do the required research and / or reference you with our network of like minded individuals and professionals: Doctors, Scientists, Researchers and even social media groups who share our love for evidence based, “woo free” knowledge.

To end this post, let me add that the content and advice you will find on Ketogains.com and all our groups is and will always be FREE.

But in order to continue dispensing this advice in our groups of over 42,000 members, we simply had to make a choice: derive an income or go live as hermits behind keyboards and abandon family and friends.

We chose the former.

It’s the 80/20 rule, of which that 20% is the context. The stuff people pay us to spend our time involved in: We know in detail about your physical and mental health, medical care, life stresses, age, history, etc.

Things that would easily be quite overwhelming to even try to support for our more than 42,000 “clients”.

Now, keep an eye open…

Great many new and exciting things coming from Ketogains next year:

  • A new, updated and more user friendly FAQ in WIKI format,
  • A new portal for our private clients,
  • The Ketogains Blueprint – our first e-book,
  • More Seminars and Podcasts,
  • An App,
  • And much more.

We will keep you posted!

I would also like to thank our group of moderators, admins, as well as all the people who contribute actively in all our groups. We could not manage without all of you.

Sincerely, thank you all.