Basic Strategies For Successful Fat Loss – Video Interview With Tristan Haggard of Primal Edge Health

Tristan Haggard from Primal Edge and Luis Villaseñor chat about some basic strategies for sustained fat loss, the importance of protein when dieting, why nutrient density is important, and even some cooking lessons from the Primal Edge Cookbook.


On this video, we talk about:

  1. Strategies for sustained fat loss
  2. Whole foods + Nutrient density
  3. Why eating the same foods can be a solid strategy for fat loss
  4. How to cook an awesome low calorie “Keto Flatbread”
  5. Great recipes from Tristan’s book – get it here: The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook
  6. The Ketogains Bootcamps: what are them, how they work, why you should join one.





For those interested, here is the awesome “Keto Flatbread” we cooked in the video, courtesy of Tristan!

On the video, we added shredded coconut, cinnamon, and a bit of Stevia to make it more akin to a sweet pancake mix.

Keto Flatbread

To get this recipe and many more,

grab a copy of the Ketogenic Edge Cookbook HERE.