Podcast: How to Grow a Strong Coaching Community – The Primal Health Coach Institute Radio

How to Grow a Strong Coaching Community with Luis & Tyler


Educate, empower and achieve. These are the pillars on which Luis & Tyler built the KetoGains community.

Founded by happenstance, the KetoGains Facebook group has now grown to over 113k members by giving real, sensible advice for free.

Erin Power and Laura Rupsis from the Primal Health Coach Institute discuss with Luis and Tyler  various topics, including:

  • The stance that keto is just another “fad diet”,
  • How to view scientific research studies in connection with anecdotal evidence,
  • How to build a successful group program,
  • How to determine when to create energy in a group setting and when to let the group run itself.

Luis & Tyler are a wealth of knowledge on all things Keto and you won’t want to miss this episode.

Listen to this podcast by clicking on the image below, or on the embedded player:


To learn more about the Primal Health Coach Institute and Certification (Luis & Tayler are both Primal Health Coaches as well), check out the webpage HERE.