Tyler Cartwright

Ketogains Co-Founder / One on One Trainer / Bootcamp Coach

Tyler, in addition to being a success story of low carb dieting, is the co-founder of Ketogains.

He started his body recomposition more than 15 years ago weighing 505 pounds, after losing 295 pounds, he currently maintains his weight at 225 pounds.

His experience in strength exercises and sports is focused on helping people unacquainted to exercise to become more confident and competent in the gym.  He wants to help them change their lifestyle – to remove behaviors and mental obstacles that limit their success.

Tyler has successfully designed and programmed group and personal workouts for Ketogains Bootcamps and individual coaching clients.  His experience as an athlete in his youth and his knowledge of body recomposition, coupled to his experience and his penchant for storytelling, has made him a popular target for many blogs, podcasts, and media outlets interested in ancestrally-focused low carb diets


  • Specialist in Physical Nutrition (SFN) – International Association of Sports Sciences (ISSA)
  • Certified Trainer (CFT) – International Association of Sports Sciences (ISSA)
  • Bodybuilding Specialist  – International Association of Sports Sciences (ISSA)
  • Henselmans Personal Training Personal Training Certification
  • Precision Nutrition PN1 Certification
  • Precision Nutrition PN2 Certification 
  • Bachelor of Science and Business Administration – Mid-Continent University
  • Masters of Business Administration – Bellevue University

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