Podcast: Luis & Tyler on the Optimal Nutrition Simplified Podcast by Connor Young

How to Kill Hunger and Gain Muscle on Keto

You’re busy and driven, and you know that optimizing your health is the key to living the life you want. Maybe you’re burnt out, stressed, sick, and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re already dialed into your health, but maintaining your well-being feels like a part-time job. Either way, Optimal Nutrition Simplified is for you. Join Connor as he interviews nutrition PhDs, MDs, neuroscientists, fitness coaches, pro athletes, business execs, and experts in lifestyle design. We talk ketosis, interval training, intermittent fasting, meditation, nootropics, sleep hacking, supplementation, productivity hacks, and a heck of a lot more. So stay tuned if you want the systems, tools, and heuristics required to easily optimize your well-being.

Popular wisdom suggests that you can’t gain muscle while on keto, and certainly that you can’t workout for strength on a low carb diet. Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright have been proving those people wrong for the last 10 years, having sustainably trained thousands of clients through the Ketogains protocol.

In part one of this episode of the Optimal Nutrition Simplified podcast, Connor Young chats with Luis & Tyler about:

  • The science of the protein leverage hypothesis, or why we get hungry,
  • Why we’ve been scared of protein with a ketogenic diet, and how much we really need,
  • How to find the happy medium of training for longevity and performance,
  • When and when not to fast,
  • The importance of whole foods on keto.



Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright have perhaps more experience than anyone training athletes for strength, muscle, and performance using a ketogenic lifestyle. Through Ketogains, they’ve worked with thousands of clients over the last 10 years.

The second half of the interview explores optimal pre-workout nutrition, the common mistakes people make on a keto diet, and why you should chase results, not ketones:

  • How to incorporate sugar, MCTs, and protein around your workout to optimize your results.
  • How not to screw up a strength-based training program on keto
  • How to think about total caloric intake for performance and weight loss



Because this has to be said, my shower-thought of the day: I see a lot of people complaining about “hunger” when dieting – “I’m doing a ketogenic diet… why am I hungry? – I read I should not feel hunger on a ketogenic diet”… Well, let me tell you: Hunger is not necessarily a bad …

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