Thank you for making the choice to work with Ketogains team as you seek to improve your health through exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.  We look forward to working with you, and wanted to provide some answers to the common, “What comes next” questions after you’ve made your selections.  

  • In the next 72 hours, you will hear back from us via email, introducing you to your assigned coach.  
  • Within 10 days, your coach and the team will likely be in-touch, asking for clarifications on any questions that we may have about access to equipment, training preferences, or about your history with diet and with ketogenic or paleo dieting.
  • WIthin 14 days of your order, provided you have given us all of the information which we have requested in reasonable timeframe, we will have your information to you.  

All of our communication is in written format, as we have found through the years that conference calls tend to go off-course, drag on, and be poorly recollected, where an email or a message can be more readily searched for and re-read.  

If you selected multi-week coaching, each week you will submit your weekly tracking data to your coach via email, and they will review and provide feedback as needed, along with any adjustments to macros as required by your results.  It is important to note that as we review that data fairly thoroughly and discuss it in collaboration – Luis, Tyler, and your assigned coach.

In closing, thank you for your trust in us, and please take the opportunity to make the most use of our time together.


In Health,

Luis & Tyler