Sometimes we need simple, and sometimes we need simple plus accountability. But sometimes we need a bit more. The Gold Package provides all of these, including the services in the Silver package coupled with with customized macros from the founders of Ketogains – Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright. You will get Robb Wolf’s ability to cut through the noise to give you one of the best entry-level no-nonsense approaches to ketogenic diets on the planet, coupled to the best team of coaches we’ve found in working with the “new and normal people,” – the ladies of Kickstarting Keto – Aimee Owsley and Melissa Johnson. (In fact, we were so impressed we actually made them Ketogains Bootcamp Coaches!) And now, through the Gold Package, you will receive:

  • A three-week guided tour through the Keto Masterclass.
  • Coaching and Accountability – help to answer any questions you may have about the material.
  • Insight on the practical application of the information provided from two experienced guides and coaches.
  • Customized Macros from the team at Ketogains (yep, the same ones you would get if you signed up to be coached by us!)
  • Future discounts on a Ketogains Bootcamp, should you wish to join.

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Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright,
Ketogains Founders