Keto Myths Debunked: Coach Menno Henselmans Interviewed About Optimizing a Keto Diet

menno henselmans and luis villaseñor picture for their video discussing keto myths

We interviewed top physique coach and researcher Menno Henselmans to clear some keto myths and get his points on how to optimize a ketogenic diet from a training point of view.  Among many things, we discussed: Metabolic Damage / Starvation Mode Thoughts on the recent NUSI (Kevin Hall) Study (The Insulin hypothesis / metabolic advantage of …

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The Ketogains Nutritional Hierarchy

Our own Luis Villaseñor aka Darth Luiggi has developed an easy way to visualize the way you should prioritize your activities and your diet in the way as we propose it here in KetoGains. Feel free to share it everywhere so that people can realize the true order of things and do Ketogains in the …

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The Ketogains Food Pyramid

The best way to learn how to follow the Ketogains program is understanding our food pyramid. This Infographic will guide you in the correct ways to plan your macros and eat accordingly, without risking any setbacks to any of your goals. More than just focusing on what to eat or what not. We emphasize the correct …

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Micronutrients Made Simple

micronutrients density compared to space density in a hubble milky way picture

There are a number of reasons that you may not be performing optimally – you may not be eating sufficient amounts of calories (be they protein, fat, or carbohydrate) for performance and recovery, you may not be getting adequate rest, you could be under a great deal of stress; it’s also possible that all three …

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Protein Over-consumption in Ketogenic Diets Explained

picture referencing protein over-consumption with a lot of different meats like chicken, beef, etc

Protein over-consumption is one of the main issues discussed at the Ketogains Group everyday. People are always reading, hearing and/or misunderstanding that eating protein will cause gluconeogenesis and kick you out of ketosis. Tyler Cartwright splendidly refuted the claim that protein supply activates GNG in this post, I recommend you check it out.     So, …

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Ketogains – Ketogenic Diets in #context – Part 2

In Part 2, Tyler continues his talk about how the ketogenic diet is not a one-size-fits-all but rather depends on the CONTEXT of the individual. Here he dives a little deeper into beginning to understand ketogenic macronutrients.   Check part 1 here.