Podcast: Luis Villasenor on Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

What happens if you eat the ketogenic diet for 18 years?


Maybe you become a jacked and strong Power-builder who lifts weights, builds muscle, and inspires people to become more fit with keto.

Siim Land, of the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast, interviews Luis Villasenor aka Darthluiggi, one of the living legends of the ketogenic diet. He’s been doing keto for over 18 years consistently and has built an amazing physique with it. He’s also the founder of the popular Ketogains subreddit, Facebook group, and business that brings together people eating the keto way.


  • What got Luis into ketosis 02:30
  • The origins of Ketogains 08:50
  • Differences between Ketogains macros 13:23
  • Truth about protein on the ketogenic diet 22:10
  • Why you need to eat more protein as you age 31:00
  • What is the protein sparing modified fast 40:00
  • How little fat can you eat to lose fat 47:47
  • Why Luis keeps it simple with keto 53:39

To hear the whole interview, click HERE!