The Ketogains Holiday Survival Guide

The Ketogains Holiday Survival Guide

We have an awesome gift for you: the “Holiday Survival Guide” which you can download HERE.

We know how the Holidays (and social events in general) can be a hard time to keep up with any diet or fitness regimen, and even more so when one is doing a low carb or Ketogenic diet.

For this purpose, here is a guide, along with recipes, to help you navigate during any special event or occasions where you know you will be tempted to deviate from the diet.

We always say that “we are on a diet, not on a culinary tour” – but the Holidays are about sharing and socializing.

While we don’t encourage people to make everything revolve around food, it is natural for humans to make food the centerpiece of our social gatherings, after all our ancestors celebrated a big hunt around a campfire and feasted on their victory.

Enjoy with responsibility!

Download the guide by clicking on the image below:

Holiday Survival Guide