Podcast: Luis Villasenor on MyDNACoach.com

On this podcast, Johnny Deacon of MyDNAcoach.com  interviews Luis on the basics of a well formulated Ketogenic Diet, as well as some of the current myths and misconceptions around it.


“Regarded as one of the worlds top experts in Ketogenic Dieting within the evidence first community, his balanced and refreshing practices with Keto was incredible. –
This episode is absolutely a 101 to Ketogenic Dieting. We go deep on no nonsense advice and the intelligent way to transition to a Keto outlining a specific system for transition whilst guiding you through common challenges and misconceptions, one of which is Bullet Proof Coffee being a foundational aspect, which it is absolutely not.

I really respect what our recent guest @darthluiggi (Luis Villasenor) had to say around people wanting it all at once (size, fat loss, health, perfect nutrition) and we were in agreement that less is more and to focus on one pillar at a time. What’s the one outcome you want? What’s the priority. And then expand time and release yourself from the pressure of trying to achieve that one goal within 90 days. Take 12 months and nail it properly with guidance.”

Johnny Deacon


Some of the topics discussed:

  • What exactly is the state of ketosis.
  • Mistakes when implementing a ketogenic diet.
  • The importance of electrolytes when going on a Ketogenic Diet
  • Ketogenic diets & muscle growth: are you compromising your gains?
  • Ketogenic diets for athletes: who will it work, and not work, for?
  • Why “chasing ketones” is pointless for most people.

Here is the link to episode 133 of MyDNACoach podcast, you can listen directly HERE.


Luis Villasenor is the founder of Ketogains.com, an online community that works to help people achieve their optimal body composition and performance goals through a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

Ketogains has a respected reputation due to their evidence-based thinking and non-dogmatic approach to nutrition. Luis has been personally using a ketogenic diet for ~ 15 years, whilst building substantial muscle mass, getting lean and training for powerlifting.

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