Keto Holiday Recipes and Giveaway!


Tyler Cartwright and Luis Villasenor are creating a Keto / Low carb / Whole food booklet to include in our December Bootcamp, and also to give away as a Holiday present to all our group members and low carb friends.

The book may possibly include some of the favorite recipes from highly esteemed members of our low carb community such as Robb WolfCraig & Keto Adapted – Maria EmmerichTed NaimanRD DikemanTristan HaggardMarty Kendall, as well as members of our Ketogains Kitchen team: Stephanie Little HarrellBrenda RichardsKen Adkins and more!



Now, we also are going to have a little contest and giveaway for all our Ketogains members:

You are to submit your best Holiday / Thanksgiving / New Year recipe, but it has to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be low carb / keto / whole food based; we prefer protein rich meals, but of course desserts or treats cannot always follow suit;
  • Include as little processed ingredients as possible – but you could still use stevia or artificial sweeteners, coconut or almond flour, in moderation. We prefer whole foods, but we are not paleo nazis. Common sense is advised.
  • Recipe must include finished picture, taken by you.
  • Recipe must be in GRAMS, and include macros for the whole recipe, servings, and macros per serving. More points if you include a Cronometer or MyFitnessPal entry with recipe, verifiable.
  • Must include complete and step by step procedure
  • Your name, e-mail,
  • Recipe is to be sent to: [email protected] by november 30.


The winner gets:

  • Bragging rights ans recipe included in the Booklet,
  • Free pass to the December edition of the Ketogains Bootcamp
  • Ketogains Swag: Flat cap mesh hat, Ketogains patch, Ketogains stamps.