Podcast: Luis Villasenor on the KetoGeek Podcast

On this podcast, Fahad Ahmad from KetoGeek interviews Luis about:

  • his journey into keto,
  • the advent of Ketogains,
  • the success behind their protocols,
  • entering ketosis,
  • realistic expectations and benefits of the keto diet,
  • misconceptions about gluconeogenesis,
  • how the body is a big puzzle,
  • benefits of resistance training during weight loss,
  • what is ‘fat adaptation’,
  • exogenous ketones

and then some rapid fire questions regarding fats in coffee, caloric deficit, bulking, supplementation and the anabolic window.

Direct Listen: http://ow.ly/lM7k30bE8Vh
iTunes Subscription: http://ow.ly/QTN030bE98B

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