Ketogains – Ketogenic Diets in #context – Part 1

During our first Ketogains summit on ketogenic lifestyle we had some great ketnotes

Tyler Cartwright explains the basics of a Ketogenic diet, in CONTEXT. This is part one of the session.

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There are various definitions and lines of thought on what a Ketogenic Diet is.

  • 75% Fat?
  • 90% Fat?
  • 100% Fat?
Let us not complicate things:

“A Ketogenic Diet is one in which a diet is sufficiently low in carbohydrates to cause the body to produce ketones”

There is no “true” ketogenic diet – A ketogenic diet is #context dependent of your goals, body fat percentage, activity levels, etc.
This is one of the subjects that causes the most confusion when someone is researching and pondering about ketosis and its effects. There is no one way to achiever your goals and a lot of variables affect that path. While Ketosis is simply about having less than certain amounts of carbohydrates as to cause the body to start using fat and ketones ultimately the context will guide you to some tweaking and a greater understanding of everything that influences the human pathway.

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